Mesa Verde High School Library/Classroom Building

Location: Citrus Heights, CA

The project is an infill project on the Mesa Verde High School campus for the San Juan Unified School District.  CYS was the structural engineering partner for this new multi-level wood-framed building built on a hillside.  The building is approximately 10,937 SF and consists of four classrooms and a library with restroom facilities on each of the two principal floors of the building.  The project design model used the Lease Leaseback (LLB) Project Delivery Method with an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Team,  whereby the Design Team worked integrally with Clark & Sullivan Construction and their design assistance partners during the project’s design phase.  The Design Team also collaborated with DSA several times during the design phase in order to help expedite the DSA approval process.   The school remained operational throughout the course of construction.