CYS has completed a significant number of healthcare projects, historically comprising a large percentage of our work. Having provided structural engineering design services for numerous hospital and healthcare facilities in California that have gone through OSHPD (and previously DSA) since our inception, we are accustomed to the OSHPD peer review/plan check process. We began providing structural plan-checking services for OSHPD more than two decades ago. OSHPD has pre-approved many of our anchorage designs, allowing the suppliers to install their equipment without going through “project-specific” OSHPD review.

CYS is performing engineering services for several acute care hospitals in compliance with Senate Bill 1953 which requires that the hospitals conduct seismic evaluations and prepare both a comprehensive evaluation report and compliance plan to attain specified structural and nonstructural performance categories which must be submitted to OSHPD in accordance with the regulations. One of the main provisions of SB1953 is the development of earthquake or seismic performance categories for existing general acute care hospital facilities in various subgradations.