Seismic Certification and Anchorage of Equipment

Structural engineering for buildings applies to more than just the building frame these days. California and OSHPD, in particular, have been at the leading edge in improving the expected performance of the critical, essential and/or hazardous equipment within a building during a seismic event, and CYS has been at the leading edge of this work.

For building owners, contractors and equipment manufacturers, CYS provides the following services to assist in creating systems which are intended to work before and after a major earthquake:

  • Special Seismic Certification of critical systems and equipment through testing and calculation
  • Medical, HVAC, Fire Safety and MEP equipment anchorage
  • OSHPD Preapproval of Anchorage (OPM)
  • OSHPD Special Seismic Certification Preapproval (OSP)

For certifications requiring testing, we have worked with many equipment manufacturers to develop testing and reports following the ICC AC 156 acceptance criteria, including use of shake table testing to demonstrate the required behavior.

Our location, just blocks from the main OSHPD office in Sacramento, is ideal for providing excellent service to clients needing assistance with OSHPD certification and permits.